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Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones

Dr Kelly-Jones imageDr. Alyse Kelly-Jones believes in establishing strong relationships with her patients, ones that encourage the women she cares for to ask questions and become active participants in their own health care. Dr. Kelly-Jones began forming her medical philosophy as a student at the University of Florida College of Medicine and further refined it during her residency at the University of Florida Health Science Center in Jacksonville.

"I found during my training that the women who seemed happiest were those who came to me with their own questions and concerns, who actively sought out ways to work with me," Dr. Kelly-Jones said. "I make sure my patients take responsibility for their own health, which helps me provide them with the best medical care available."

Dr. Kelly-Jones also considers her strong family life to be an asset in helping her patients. Married to her husband, Richard, for more than two decades and the mother of three rowdy boys, Dr. Kelly-Jones gained an intimate understanding of the stresses facing modern women.

"Having my own three sons has helped me to better relate to my patients," she said. "It's definitely made me a better doctor because I truly understand where my patients are coming from."

In addition to her OB/GYN focus, Dr. Kelly-Jones has a keen interest in sexual medicine. Working with other experts in the field of sexual health, Dr. Kelly-Jones co-founded a multidisciplinary clinic to treat and educate men and women on how best to live a happy and fulfilling sexual life. The clinic deals with many issues, such as low libido, painful sex, male and female hormonal issues, and erectile dysfunction. As the years rolled by, Dr. Kelly-Jones also found herself focusing on the issues women face as they enter menopause.

"A whole world is opening up for women in regards to their sexual well-being and their lives after menopause," she said. "No longer do they need to settle for what's available. I love seeing the smile on a patient's face when I show her that she can live a joyous life she never imagined."

An experienced triathlete who has completed an iron-distance race of 140.6 miles, Dr. Kelly-Jones has turned her love of exercise into a mentoring project designed to help other women change their lives by competing in triathlons. Since founding the organization in 2008, Tri It For Life has helped more than 1,000 women compete in their first triathlon.

When she is not working or not working out, Dr. Kelly-Jones enjoys making scrapbooks and watching Florida Gator football.

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