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Second trimester

Visit #5 (15 to 16 weeks)

For the remainder of your visits you will have your BP, weight and urine checked. We will listen to the baby's heart beat and measure the growth of your uterus. We will do blood testing today for Spina Bifida (AFP). If you were not able to have testing at 11 weeks(Visit # 3) we can draw blood to screen for Down's Syndrome and Trisomy 18 at 16 weeks.

Visit #6 (18 weeks)

You will have an ultrasound to evaluate the major organ structures of the baby. We sometimes will find anatomical problems such as heart defects, urinary or intestinal problems. This is not a guarantee that there are no problems but it is reassuring to see "normal anatomy". If you would like to know the sex of your baby, we can usually tell you at this visit. If you have high risk factors, this ultrasound will be done with the high risk doctor at the hospital.

Visit #7 (20 weeks) and Visit #8 (24 weeks)

These are usually quick, routine visits where we check your "numbers"(See above) and answer questions.At 20 weeks, we encourage you to rotate your appointments between the six doctors who deliver babies. There is no guarantee that your primary OB doctor will be the person to deliver your child. Rotating is optional but the doctors also enjoy getting to know any patients that they may deliver. 



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