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Third trimester

Visit #9 (28 weeks)

You will be screened for diabetes. You will drink a sugar beverage when you first sign in and have your blood tested one hour later. We do not advise you to fast for this visit, but please don't eat or drink anything really sweet before your appointment. You usually will see a doctor during the hour wait. You will also have the option of repeating your Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis tests if you feel that you have any new risk factors, ie. You or your partner have had a new sexual partner. This is important to protect the baby.

Visits #10 (30 weeks), 11 (32 weeks), 12 (34 weeks)

Routine visits. We will discuss preterm labor and expectations for delivery. Of course we will answer any questions and check your routine numbers.

Visit #13 (36 weeks)

We will test you for Group B strep by performing a pelvic exam during which we take a routine bacterial culture. We also check to see if your cervix is dilated and make sure the baby's head is down. Again, this is a good time to repeat any STD testing if you feel you have risk factors.

Visit #14 through delivery

We will see you every week during this time to check your vital signs and offer any counseling. If you think you are in labor or want to have your cervix checked, we will do an exam at the office. We do not have to do an exam every week.

If you have not delivered by 41 weeks we will do a 20-30 minute monitoring test (NST) to make sure the baby is in good health.

Elective inductions cannot be considered until 39 weeks and are only recommended under very favorable circumstances which minimize your chance for a long labor or c-section. If you have not delivered by 41 weeks, all patients will be scheduled for delivery by 42 weeks. Elective inductions vary greatly depending on patient circumstances and we recommend that you talk to your primary ob doctor about your risks versus benefits. We also prefer to induce our own patients when possible.



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